Takes care of your land




no-more weekend pushing mower

Setup takes as less as 10 minutes, with cutting edges Ultra-wide Band wireless positioning technologies.

No wire boarders

UWB Technology

As less as 10 minutes

no-gas guzzler, electric cost

Setup takes as less as 10 minutes, with cutting edges Ultra-wide Band wireless positioning technologies.

Clips As Mulch

Kills Weed

Less Water Usage

24/7 no-noise operation

Canvas is the true carefree lawn care partner, takes care of your lawn around the clock without your interaction. No clippings to collect.Freshly cut all the time.

Time Saving

No collect


safety in mind


Three safety blades cut grass efficiently but won't damage hard items on ground.

Life Sensing

Canvas will stop the blades as soon as it's been lifted for maxim saftety.

row-over sensing

5 laser sensors at the front scan obstacles all the time, and pause cutting if a person or pet shows in front.

Wireless charging

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Greener Environmental friendly

mulched fine clippies are returned to earth

No more toxic gas emissions. Minimize allergy symptoms.

reduce fertilizer usage

power consumption is similar to a 50W light bulb. Fewer weeds Reduces water consumption up to 30%.

reduce water usage

Reduces fertilize usage.No more harmful weed killer chemicals.

Advance technology

UWB precision positioning

Canvas use the latest Ultra-wideband technology to position in your yard wirelessly. 

AI enabled path-planning

for striping, cheeseboard,
diamond cut

GPS tracking and anti-theft

Canvas returns to docking station automatically at low power and charge with high-efficiency wireless charging technology.

Canvas Spec

Weight(kg) 8.35
Dimension(cm) 47*43*20
Power Supply 18V 5Ah Li-po Battery
Mowing Power 36W 5000r/min
Mowing Width/Height(cm) 18/2-6(Adjustable)
Mowing Coverage 99.99%
Continuous Mowing(h) 3
Charging Time(h) 3
Max. Mowing Area(m2) 10000
Max. Ramp 25°
Positioning Control UWB(Ultra-wideband)


Canvas App

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